Gold Ballast Charters

Upside down and inside out is not good for an airship business.  They had no clue what they were doing.  Not only did my predecessors not have the business sense to disembark with good chances of success, when their crazy idea worked anyway, they didn’t understand why.  They saw the airships as a transportation business.  We could be cheaper.  “Just ride the jet streams.  Easy to scale to any desired size without worrying about infrastructure.”  Cheaper?  They should have gone bankrupt before they started.  We have a case here of absolutely crazy, completely wrong, and unfathomably lucky.  A travel business!?
Consider the clipper ship.  Like an airship, a clipper ship has no fuel costs, and there aren’t many clipper ships out there, because like our airships, they make not a whit of practical sense.  But there are some.  They are the epitome of “the voyage is the destination,” and so should we be.
Didn’t our previous nutty captains notice that all of our customers can use gold for ballast?  Our business is firmly entertainment – not transportation. It needs a marketing do-over as such.  Hopefully I can attract more than a few super-rich eccentrics.  I certainly enjoy flying, as do our customers, and I think a much broader lot of people would, given the opportunity.
I’m re-orienting the business to something that comes closer to competing with cruise ships.  We don’t have a ship today that can carry hundreds of passengers on a pleasure tour for a weekend, but we’ll get there.  The shipyard is already looking into it.
And what have I been doing to put us on an even keel?  Studying the modern clipper ship tour business, trying to figure out Google Adwords, and, of course, writing about it all for you in a blog.
And then I had another idea.  Instead of thinking big, I started thinking small. I’ll tell you about it soon.


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