A Business Mission

There was just enough time to start thinking that it would be a slow day.  Starting with coffee, a blank sheet for a to-do list, and a friendly cat threatening to spill the coffee and block any attempts at writing on the paper, the morning looked sunny and pleasant.  A message arrived.  The cat left without a word on some important cat-business.  The message was from one of our most important clients.  “Please come, I’d like to meet you …”.

I didn’t expect this, though I should have.  It meant a trip of several days, probably a week.  It meant preparing, acting, and fast thinking during the meeting.  And, I needed something to wear.  What kind of captain’s uniform should we invent?  I started trying to picture the impression: formal, old-fashioned, and not too kooky.  I changed my mind on that last attribute; it wouldn’t hurt to  push the boundary at least a little.  Why hadn’t I thought about the costume issue earlier?  It was bound to come up soon.

There was also the question of which ship to sail.  This client was used to seeing what we affectionately call “The Barge”, but for meeting the new captain, something else was in order.  We have more than one ship built to impress the neurotically rich.  After all, what work is there for an airship fleet?  Airships tend not to be the most practical choice for travel, except for a few interesting and most unusual circumstances.  Our work tends towards entertainment, even when clothed in the pretense of a “business” mission.

I started a new to-do list.  The cat returned, but this time had no luck breaking my focus.


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