I actually have too many formal titles.  I decided to go with “Captain” here because I imagine the whole world listening, and it feels prestigious and oh-so-cool to me.  I like the sound.

Don’t think I’m a military person — far from it.  In fact, I’m much closer to the peacenik end of that spectrum.  I’m called that, because I now run some airships (yes — I’m basically a balloonist).  We have always called the head person in charge “Captain”, and now, that’s me.

My family also carries a title, which has become mine with the sudden death of my older brother.  I’m uncomfortable with the title right now, so I won’t reveal it, but am likely to change my mind in the future.  I also have an older sister, but due to a historical sexist tradition (and family titles are all about history, sexism, and tradition) she was bypassed, and it went straight to me.  I would be interested in changing that system, but the dust hasn’t quite settled yet so I’m trying to ignore the issue.

My old friends call me Professor.  They do it as a bit of a joke — sometimes I can be a bit too pedantic, and then they tease me.  Actually there’s more to it than that.  I had tried to make it as an academic, but while I was suffering through the juggling act of simultaneous adjunct assignments at sites far too far from each other, I was offered a lucrative job at a big company.  I took the job, gave up on teaching, and settled into the life of a salaryman for many years until just recently.

While working at the big company here in the U.S.A I enjoyed being called “Mr. Xevzev”.  There is still a very strong remnant of the “equality for all” attitude here, despite the modern economic reality, and I relish the equality of calling everyone Mr. and Ms.  Even Mr. President.

Finally, the title that is perhaps most important to me is “Uncle”.  I don’t have children of my own, but grew up in a big family.  I blinked (proverbially), time passed, and I find that I now have abundant nephews and nieces.  I am proud of being an uncle, serious about it, and do my best to be as involved and present as I can.  Actually, I very nearly called this the “Uncle Xevzev Blog”, but ended up deciding to emphasize the formal and professional over the personal.


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